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About The Course

Throughout history jewels have been used by the monarchy as vital tools that enabled kings and queens to shape their identities, and to fashion images of power that could be seen by their households, court, and contemporaries. From Margaret of Anjou to Katherine Parr, All the Queen’s Jewels 1445-1548 examines the jewellery collections of the ten queen consorts of England in this period, and investigates the jewels a queen had access to, as well as the varying contexts in which queens used and wore jewels. Jewels were more than decorative adornments; they were an explicit and tangible display of power, majesty, and authority. This course is perfect for those with an interest in medieval and Tudor history, queenship, jewellery, and the history of material culture. By the end, you will see these fascinating women in a whole new light!

Delivery, timings and dates:

The course will be delivered by a series of four pre-recorded video lectures, and separate group Q&As with the course tutor via a video conferencing platform. Participants will also receive a reading list, course literature and activities. Links and details will be sent to participants a few days before the course begins. Lectures will be released at 7pm (GMT) each Thursday and will be available to view for a month and half. The live Q&A will take place at approx. 8pm (GMT) each Thursday of the course, beginning 26th January. It will be recorded and made available to view afterwards.