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About The Course

What did it mean to live and die in Stuart England? From the experiences of diarists and writers to the role of plague searchers, medics and civic authorities. This four-week online course will tackle this question and more to explore key themes, such as – what did it mean to ‘die well’? How did early modern medical practitioners understand and treat disease? What role did the monarch play? And, how were death and disease expressed in art and literature

Delivery, timings and dates:

The course will be delivered by a series of 4 pre-recorded video lectures, and separate live group Q&As with the course tutor via a video conferencing platform. Participants will also receive course notes. Links and details will be sent to participants a few days before the course begins. Lectures will be released at 7pm (GMT) each Wednesday and will be available to view for a month and half. The live Q&A will take place at 8pm (GMT) each Wednesday of the course, beginning Wednesday 12 June 2024. It will be recorded and made available to view afterwards.