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About The Course

Dr Janina Ramirez, author of the bestseller "Femina," returns with fresh insights into the medieval world. Uncover the lost Queen of Cookham, Southern France's spies, and London's cosmopolitan society during the Black Death. Using new technology, Janina rewrites history, putting women back in focus and revealing a diverse and complex past

Delivery, timings and dates:

The course will be delivered by a series of 4 pre-recorded video lectures, and separate live group Q&As with the course tutor via a video conferencing platform. Participants will also receive course notes. Links and details will be sent to participants before the course begins. Lectures will be released at 7pm (GMT) each Wednesday and will be available to view for a month and half. The live Q&A will take place at 8.15pm (GMT) each Wednesday of the course, beginning 10th January. It will be recorded and made available to view afterwards.