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About The Course

'In my end is my beginning'. Mary Queen returned from life in France to take up her position as Queen of Scotland at eighteen, a triumphal return, celebrated by the people. She thought she would rule as Queen like her cousin, Elizabeth I. But instead, her arrival was the beginning of the 'hunt for Mary Queen of Scots', as her half brother, relations, fellow aristocrats, husbands, British interests and spies who thought her a threat all battled to seize her throne, and her life was subsumed in murder and violence. She had been born, seemingly, with everything - great riches, royal blood of Scotland, England and France, the Queen of Scotland at six days old. And yet she died after half her life in captivity, executed in front of strangers, her belongings burnt and stolen, even her heart extracted and hidden. This course explores Mary Queen of Scots and her world and her relations with Elizabeth I.

Delivery, timings and dates:

The course will be delivered by a series of 4 video lectures, and separate group Q&As with the course tutor via a video conferencing platform. Participants will also receive a reading list, course literature and activities. Links and details will be sent to participants a few days before the course begins. Lectures will be released at 7pm each Monday and will be available to view for a month and half.