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About The Course

The Plantagenet dynasty ruled for almost four hundred years, responsible for planting England firmly on the map of Christendom as one of the most powerful countries in Western Europe. Plantagenet Kings and Queens were merciless, bloody minded and even went to war against their family to gain power. Despite a history packed with war, murder and intrigue, the Plantagenets are often overlooked as an English dynasty, yet we still celebrate, take pride in and adhere to the architecture, literature and law they are responsible for. How did the Plantagenets influence the making of Britain? Who were the real people wearing the crown? And can we always believe the stories written about them?

Delivery, timings and dates:

Delivery: The course will be delivered by a series of 4 pre-recorded video lectures, and separate live group Q&As with the course tutor via a video conferencing platform. Participants will also receive course notes. Links and details will be sent to participants a few days before the course begins. Lectures will be released at 7pm (GMT) each Thursday and will be available to view for a month and half. The live Q&A will take place at 8pm (GMT) each Thursday of the course, beginning 7th March 2024. It will be recorded and made available to view afterwards. Accessibility: All lectures will have closed captions. The live Q&As will have live captioning. If you have any additional access requirements, please get in touch via